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Gina Townsend 

Greetings! We adopted our dear Gina, now called Genie or Gigi, in late October and we'd like to share our story.

Dixie Montgomery brought Gina to us on October 30 for a meet & greet. I knew as soon as I held her and she wrapped her paws around my arm that I had found my dog. Gina was upset the first few days: she was sick and she missed Dixie terribly. But she soon learned that our place is a good place!

Gina's become a great puzzle solver. She loves to get her food out of a Kong. She's a rapid learner and knows the touch & sit commands already. Now she eagerly sits anytime she expects a treat. She plays with such commitment and passion: she tosses her toys in the air, pounces on them, and then does it all again between chin spins. She's our dear snuggler and keeps us warm while we read. Despite being blind and small (9 pounds), she has appointed herself House Protector and noisily barks at people outside who she feels threaten the family. Luckily, she loves everyone who comes into the house and gives them happy kisses.

In our few months with Gina, she has done so much! She has:

- Gone on an airplane
- Toured New York City
- Ridden on a subway
- Attended a 97th birthday party
- Gone hiking
- Made friends at a dog park
- Been totally adored!

We love our little Gina and are so happy to have her.