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Ren (Reddi) Greywalker

After adopting our black & white big boy, Iggy, from JCCARE a few years ago we decided he needed a sib-Chin. It took a while to find the right match for our love a lunk, but I found a likely looking ball of red headed energy on the JCCARE site. The problem was he was way up in the North East. The more I talked with his foster tho, the more I really thought he'd be a great addition to our home and bring a lot of fun to Iggy's life. So with Dixie's massive support and help, we flew him down to TX. 

The poor kid had been thru a lot- he had healed up from a broken paw and tail and even been on prozac in the shelter for anxiety.

His young life got off to a rocky start.

But  JCCARE had put him with an awesome foster family and by the time we met him he was ready to love.

As you can see in this picture, he loves his big brother and new family and after 6 months with us, we couldn't be happier that we adopted this quirky adorable spaz!

Ren will be 2 years old this month and is a huge cuddle bug. We have JCCARE, Theresa and especially the wonderful Ms. Dixie to thank.