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Bailey came to me first as an idea of fostering a dog in need of a home, and then as a photograph on my email. What a face but what did I really know about Japanese Chins?

This is how he arrived…….. thanks to Pilots & Paws


Nothing much as it turned out but after meeting the real live Bailey, and with some trepidation, I not only agreed to foster him but to legally adopt the best, most beautiful, and sweetest dog in the world.

 He has brought joy and laughter to every day that we have spent together. He is playful and funny, curious and active, serious and thoughtful, smart and brave. That’s a lot for one small dog, but he has read me like a book, trained me to his every whim and I love it.

 Since I am semi retired and work from home, I rarely leave him for any length of time, and many times he visits shut-in’s with me and knows the way to all their houses just by telling him their name. They have designated themselves as Bailey’s Grandmothers. When I do have to leave him at home, he waits in a window and when he sees me, his happiness is a joy to see; doing that Chin spin…what a welcome home.

 The first thing I see when I open my eyes and when I go to sleep is his lovely face. He is never far from my hand or sight. It never ceases to amaze me how lucky I am to be his Mom.